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Virgil I. Grissom High School
7901 Bailey Cove Road Southeast
Huntsville, AL - 35801

Upper 10% of class. Track team (3 yrs.), wrestling team (2 yrs.), and band (2 yrs.). College preparatory curriculum.

Baptist Memorial College of the Health Sciences
School of Radiologic Technology
899 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN

Graduate of the Diagnostic Radiology Program in 1976.

Weber State University
Department of Radiologic Sciences
3925 University Circle
Ogden, UT - 84408-3925

Currently in the second year of the Radiology Practitioner Assistant program from August 2003 till the present.

Work Experience

Baptist Memorial Hospital
Department of Radiology
899 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN

Responsible for 12 PM to 8 AM shift including performance of procedures of all types. These included general procedures In an ER & Trauma setting, CT\T scans, angiography, interventional procedures, and procedures accomplished in OR suites. Experience includes all editions of GE CT\T scanners and software, as well as DSA and ultrasound procedures, with exposure to cardiac catheterization. As well as automatic processor repair and maintenance.

Regional Diagnostic
P.O. Box 147
500 Maple Drive
Vidalia, GA - 30474

Responsible for routine x-ray and fluoroscopic procedures and CT scanning with minimal physician supervision. These duties included performance of the above studies as well as performance monitoring and tune-up of a GE CT\T scanner. Experience in room layout, equipment installation, and routine service.

Diagnostic Equipment Services
105 Hembree Park Drive
Roswell, GA

Served as consulting applications specialist for GE CT\T scanners models 7000, 7800, 8000, 8800, and 9800.

Independent Nursing Registry
P.O. Box 973 Claxton, GA - 30417

Served as contracted professional Radiographer. Also served as head of services for Radiographers from January 1988 through March 1988. Duties as head of services included drafting of contracts for provision of radiologic services and the development of documentation for skills check lists.

Bulloch Memorial Hospital
500 East Grady Street
Statesboro, GA - 30458

Served as Special Procedures and Senior Staff radiographer, duties included angiography, OR, ER, and routine procedures as well as Supervisory duties in the absence of the Department Manager. From May 1988 to November 1988 I fulfilled the duties of the Radiology Nurse while the Department sought an LPN to fill this position. I was given responsibly for training the new LPN as Radiology Nurse.

Bulloch Memorial Hospital
500 East Grady Street
Statesboro, GA - 30458

Served as Assistant Department Manager and Special Procedures Technologist. Duties have included all those above as well as further Supervisory duties, including scheduling for departmental staff and Quality Assessment & Improvement. Functioned as Manager of Radiology (Feb.-Apr. 1989) after the resignation of the Manager. During this period preparations where completed for a JACHO Survey with the Department being rated as a good service. Developed and implemented a new system for computerized reporting of results to the Emergency Room. Development and performance of employee evaluations. Interviewing and hiring of new employees and the termination of employees where responsibilities. Established Special Procedures as a separate sub-department including all vascular, interventional, and therapeutic procedures. Formed agreement with the Department of Anesthesia for performance of procedures in their hospital based pain management practice.

Bulloch Memorial Hospital
500 East Grady Street
Statesboro, GA - 30458

Assumed responsibility of 11PM-7AM shift to assist with the goal of eliminating CT Scan call coverage for the majority of the week. As well as to fill the Emergency Departments need for staff with extensive experience in trauma work on this shift. Assisted with non-staffed time to cover CT Scan call as well as continuing to provide Diagnostic call when needed. Assumed a regular position in the weekend CT Call rotation, Also assist in providing coverage for after-hours and emergency Special Procedures.

East Georgia Regional Medical Center
1499 Fair Road
Statesboro, GA - 30458

Filled the Technologist position in the recently opened Cardiac Catheterization \ Special Procedures Department. Responsible for radiation safety training of the nursing staff as well as orientation of new employees. Responsible for patient care as the primary scrub person working with and assisting multiple Cardiologists as well as the Interventional Radiologist.  Function as a Physician extender for these Radiologists.  Assume responsibility for inventory, room stock, payroll, and patient flow in the absence of the Department Manager.  Currently serving as interim Supervisor  after the resignation of the Cardiovascular Services Manager.


The American Registry of Radiologic Technologist examination in Radiography was completed in May 1976 with a score of 91%.

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologist advanced certification examination in Cardiovascular and Interventional Procedures was completed in July 1991 with a score of 86%.

Critical Care Nursing Certification Course was successfully completed in 1988 with a score of 84%.

Certified as a Basic Cardiac Life Support Instructor in January 1988. Certified as a Basic Cardiac Life Support  Instructor-Trainer in October 1990.

Certified as an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Provider in September 1991 to present.

Article published in The ADVANCE for Radiologic Science Professionals
- Volume 5/Number 28 titled Knowledge of Proper Indications, Techniques Vital to Successful and Safe Venipuncture.

Article published in The ADVANCE for Radiologic Science Professionals
- Volume 5/Number 40 titled Expanding CV/Interventional Services in the Community/Rural Hospital.

Article published in The ADVANCE for Radiologic Science Professionals
- Volume 6/Number 5 titled The Basics to Preliminary Angiography.

Accepted as a regular contributing columnist by The ADVANCE for Radiologic Science Professionals on cardiovascular/interventional and special procedures as a subspecialty of radiography.

Steps to Reduce Patient Discomfort, Complications with Seldinger*s Technique June 7, 1993 / Volume 6 Number 23

For Selected Patients, Transcatheter Treatment of Acute GI Bleeding Beneficial August 2, 1993 I Volume 6 Number 31

Many Safe Angiography Medications, But Only Handful Used In Anglo Suite November 22, 1993 I Volume 6 Number 39

Reviewing the Basics of Practice April 24, 1995 / Volume 8 Number

Venography and Thrombophlebitis August 28, 1995 / Volume 8 Number 17

Alternative Way of Relieving Pain April 15, 1996 / Volume 9 Number 8
Presented lecture on Transcatheter treatment of Gastrointestinal Bleeding to the 4th Annual meeting of the Association of Vascular/Interventional Radiographers. in San Diego, California - March 21-24, 1994.

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